With over 25 years of experience in greek products, we continue our route following Barba-Savvas’ (uncle Savvas) steps! With his guidance, we’re looking for products all around Greece, aiming to keep our tradition alive!

Focusing above all on quality, we offer special greek traditional products such as cheese, legume, olives, oil, honey, wine, lokums, cured meat products, as well as a lot of local delicacies coming from Simple Greek producers .



  • Olive tree! The Gods’ gift to the humans.

    A tree full of ancestral tales, everyone feels it's like a blessing and safety! The olive tree is one of the oldest trees, which gave food to humans. A gift of the goddess Athena. Useful for light, heat, food, medicines and perfumes. Its history, its…
  • Honey! One of the oldest foods.

    Honey comes from the nectar collected from the flowers by the bees, it's rich in nutrients, aroma and flavor. For the ancient Greeks honey was a kind of consumption as well as an offer to the gods, in order to ensure their favor. The Greek myths describe…

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