A few words about our traditional Greek delicacies store Savvas

Greek food store Savvas Mykonos


It all started when grandpa Savvas, who had been working as a grocer, decided to move to Mykonos island. Being extremely experienced in his field, he sets up his business for the first time in Mykonos. His passion about traditional products, his dedication to quality, his love and esteem for his clientele are his strong qualities that help him achieve his goal.

Τhe special traditional delicacies which are available at his shop have made him little by little well known all over the island. His fame has been extended so much, that everyone now talks about "Barba-Savvas"! Not only about the superb quality of his goods but also for his character. Honest and true with all the people on the island who actually support him, hospitable and cordial with the people who visit the island and his store. He loves everyone and they love him back, something which has been obvious throughout his professional life!

Devotion to the finest quality never ceased to be the primary goal of his successful course. It’s "Barba-Savvas’ secret , which passes down from generation to generation.

About us

I visited Savva when he first opened his shop and I was surprised by the quality of his traditional products. Olive oil, vinegar, wine, spices, herbs and many more local delicacies that smell like Greece.
The entire Greek tradition before your very eyes! All products come from Greek artisans and I simply can’t get enough of seeing, smelling and tasting them.

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