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Fava from Santorini island with caper sauce

Savvas has an utterly Greek and savoury recipe for you(fava from Santorini island with caper sauce) with ingredients from where else? From his traditional Greek food store located in island of Mykonos. INGREDIENTS: 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil “Armakadi” 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 cup rinsed and drained “Santorini Nomikos estate” dry fava beans…
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Tzatziki traditional

Barba-Savvas has a recipe for our classic tzatziki with simple, everyday materials that you can find at the food store. Preparation time: 10’ Ingredients (4-6 servings): 300 gr yoghurt Mykonos 3 tablespoons olive «Vaoni» 1 pinch of salt "CHION" A little white pepper 2 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons vinegar "vinegar with molasses Aroi" 1/2 bunch…
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Croissants with yogurt and strawberry jam

A wonderful recipe with pure local products. INGREDIENTS (about 18 pieces): 100g. yoghurt 250g. butter 80g.sugar 7 g. dry yeast 6 eggs 550gr. flour for all uses 10gr. salt For the glaze: 1 egg For the filling: 300g. jam PROCEDURE Pour the flour and the yeast into the mixer and add the eggs, the yogurt,…
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Health and tradition

Traditional products, flavors that are transferred from generation to generation, encounter our memories and weave the thread of the Greek tradition... [vr]This is how our grandmothers remember their childhood, reminiscing the past: In those years we ate noodles, beans, snails, bulbs, salted and when we didn’t have any oil left we made porridge and oil…
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Savvas and the traditional products

25 YEARS AGO GRANDPA SAVVAS TOGETHER WITH GRANDMA EUGENIA, DECIDED TO MOVE TO MYKONOS ISLNAD! A LOVELY PLACE, FULL OF LIGHT! Grandpa Savvas, having been working as a grocer, had always had passion for the finest quality, love and respect for his clientele as well as love and respect for the greek traditional products. So connoisseur…
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