Tastes and smells from Greek traditional products.

Α small corner at Miloi (Windmills) in Mykonos which brings together both small and large scale treasures from the Greek nature. Traditional Greek products.

At SAVVAS you will travel little by little all over Greece thanks to the quality of its products, its flavors and its amazing packages! Α miniature of Greek nature put together in a small but exceptional grocery store located in one of the most special places of our Greece. At Miloi in Mykonos!

As soon as you enter Savvas you will experience a tasty journey all over Greece.

Olive oil from every corner of Greece! Crete, Mani, Kalamata, Achaia and more. Liquid gold of utter quality which is not controlled by some banking system; indeed, it is beneficial for the body assuring its health and well- being! In different flavors!!! For every taste! Fruity, with aromas, light, rich, green olive oil and many more! Huge variety of olive oils with herbs!!! Herbs that give the olive oil a unique character!

Precious honey from Corinthia, Attiki, Crete, Ikaria, Vitina and other places in Greece. Small artisanal companies that go back in time harvest honey with love and great care and this makes it unique. A special product of chosen quality!

Herbs, spices and mixes of spices and flavors in a huge variety chosen and put together by people with experience who know how to tell them apart, how to protect them from the weather, who talk to them and love them! And this shows in their aroma and taste! Mushrooms, truffles, and all relative products collected from different areas of Greece! Special products of unique quality….

Saffron from Kozani! Greek land’s gold, ready to cοok or drink as beverage! A real treasure that is hard to find!!! It enhances body’s defenses and contributes to its well-being! Saffron id the world’s most expensive spice, it gives a distinct aroma and slightly spicy taste to food and beverages.

Mastic!!!! Such a small word to hide so many secrets! Mostly about health! This unique and miraculous product found exclusively in Chios and its weeping trees, has beneficial qualities for the digestive system. It can be used everywhere, in cooking, in pastry, in medicine.

A huge variety of balsamic vinegar, balsamic creams in different flavors, ideal for salads, dressings etc.
Hand- made pasta in various flavors from fresh ingredients!!!

Sauces, dips, appetizers! They go with everything and make every minute of our lives more savory!
Dairy products from Ios, Naxos, Arta, Crete, Andros and above all Myconos local products….. Cheeses which always satisfy even the most demanding tastes, made by people who love tradition and their island!!!

Cosmetics from olive oil, aloe, female donkey’s milk, honey produced and packaged in Greece.Hand -made soaps with love and care!

Wines from carefully chosen Greek producers from different varieties of grapes.

SAVVAS staff will gladly help you choose and package the Greek traditional products which will travel with you for your loved ones!

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