Traditional Products of Mykonos through Savvas.

Mykonos! Famous throughout the world for its beauty, traditional products and light that reflects everywhere! A poem of architecture also rich in gastronomic savors!

‘’He who finds the time to spend some days in the island will taste more joys and delicacies and treats”

In the company of locals, who know about food and feasts, treats and singing-maybe because from the most ancient years Dionysus was the most celebrated God of Mykonos-still everywhere present on the island, in Chora, the port or the countryside! An abundance of descriptions of the island! Visitors to Delos discover Mykonos for its unique Cycladic landscape, its welcoming people whose friendly temperament allured them afterwards to its present lifestyle! Today the island has conquered the whole world! We will write about its local authentic tastes that drive you to heavens! We will talk about kopanisti, the fermented spicy cheese that constitutes the most distinctive mezes of Mykonos!

Kopanisti is a soft fermented cheese. It is usually made of fresh cow milk or from a mixture of goat and sheep cheese. According to the Myconian way, kopanisti is ideally paired with tomato or cucumber on soaked burley rusk

We will also discuss tyrovolia used in salads, pies, pastries. When tyrovolia is salted and kneaded over and over and once a bit of older kopanisti is added it is turned to new kopanisti. Naturally, there are different kinds of kopanisti, their character varying according to the season, the animals, the milk, the weather as well as its maker or the house wife who produces them. Intense, spicy, mild, neutral, thick, sweet, buttery etc.

We will examine xinotyri from Mykonos. A table cheese from cow’s milk, it is used in salads but also grated over pasta, it is the ideal accompaniment to ouzo and tsipouro

Μyconian louza, another typical mezes. Α charcuterie product  from local pork it is made of the animals entire back, it is served in extremely thin rosy colored slices of rich taste and aroma. The people of Mykonos love to accompany louza with a black wine made of “kountoures” (black Mykonos grapes).

Mykonos sausages have spices such as savory, salt, oregano, pepper, spice. Since they are very rich in meat and have less fat, they are considered a healthier option. Rustic sausages are usually prepared around Christmas from pork meat and fat.

We invite you to visit Mykonos, the island of the Winds, for its gastronomic itineraries, its genuine island hospitality, its unique light and for numerous more reasons which are up to you to discover!

We also invite you to discover all these traditional products of Mykonos at Savvas greek food store, located at Chora Mykonou, and begin your magical taste journey around the Greece!

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