Orzo with shrimps

Savvas has an utterly Greek and savoury recipe for you(Orzo with shrimps) with products from his traditional Greek food store!

INGREDIENTS(serves 4 persons)
500 gr. shrimps from the Ambracian gulf
1 tsp. tomato paste
½ sliced onion
1 shot of ouzo
1 shot of cognac
½ sliced tomato
½ lt. of vegetable broth
8 cherry tomatoes cut in half
10 basil leaves
10 gr. of butter
2 tsp. of roe botargo Stefos
400 gr. medium orzo pasta in room temperature (boiled for half of the package time)
salt and pepper


Twist the head of the body and peel away the shells. Thread three or four on each skewer. Save the shells separately. In a wide skillet heat some olive oil in high heat.
As soon as it reaches smoke point, add the shells and the tomato paste and sauté them. When they take a nice color, add the onion, the tomato and a pinch of salt and stir.
Pour in the broth and let boil for 25 minutes. Put both the solid and fluid ingredients of the broth in a blender and process until smooth. Pour the pulp through the strainer. In a pan put the orzo pasta and the broth and let boil.
As soon as it is done, remove from the fire and add the cherry tomatoes, the basil leaves, the roe botargo and the butter. Stir well and taste.
Add salt and pepper if necessary.
In the meantime, in a non -stick pan sauté the shrimp brochettes with a little olive oil for a minute each side. Serve the orzo with the shrimps while warm.

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