Penne with truffle mushroom sauce

Savvas has an utterly Greek and savoury recipe for you(penne with truffle mushroom sauce ) with local ingredients; pure Greek products from his traditional Greek food store!

INGREDIENTS(3-4 persons)
¾ - 1 package of penne ΝΙΑΜΑ (400γρ)
80gr truffle mushroom sauce DRYAS
30-50 gr butter
8 black olives, without the seed, cut in the middle
Sea salt Chion for the boil (2-3 soup spoon.)
Fresh grated pepper

Prepare the penne: Boil al dente. Drain and save a scoop of pasta water. Add the butter, the truffle mushroom sauce and the olives. Drill.

Serving: Put the penne in medium hot plates the penne with the truffle mushroom sauce and the olives adding some slices of olives if you want.

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