Voutimata (bits)

Some of the greek traditional products that Savvas store offers are the greek traditional Voutimata (bits). Sweets, bits, delights, breadsticks, pastry and many more baked goods. All the products are made of pure ingridients, from small and big greek  handicraft, emphasising in the quality and the conservation of the tadition.

Savvas in a big variety :

  • Αlmond bits / delights
  • Orange bits / delights
  • Tahini bits / delights
  • Tahini breadsticks
  • Dietary bagel breadstick five blossom bread 
  • Crispbread with sunflower seed
  • Stuffed biscuits 
  • Dako baked in Crete
  • Dako Kritharokoulouritsa 
  • Bagel

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